Jeff Hinkle’s Conservative Credentials

Jeff Hinkle resides in Destin where he serves as Okaloosa’s Republican Party Chairman. He was instrumental in raising a record amount to aide local Republicans and organized efforts to support the election of President Trump. He modernized the local party infrastructure from record keeping to online marketing. He is an entrepreneur who retired to Destin with his wife of 15 years.

A self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Jeff has worked for 4 Fortune 500 companies and retired to Destin after selling two of his corporations to publicly traded companies. He is currently the Chairman and major shareholder of Hosting Holdings and Technical Realty Group of Texas. Locally, Jeff operates an aircraft leasing company out of Destin executive airport and a beachfront real estate rental company. He also backs his wife’s entrepreneurial endeavors at her Lustrelook permanent makeup salon in Miramar Beach.

In his spare time, Jeff volunteers his time as a member of the Reserve Sheriff’s Volunteer Program at the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office by doing curfew checks of juveniles on probation. Jeff also enjoys racing professionally, is a licensed private pilot, avid gun enthusiast, hunter and fisherman.

Jeff On The Issues

Supporting President Trump

President Trump has taken the fight to the Democrats, Radical Left, The Establishment and The #FakeNews. Simply put – President Trump is doing an incredible job and as your State Representative, Jeff Hinkle will take the same fight to Tallahassee.

Ending Mid Bay Bridge Tolls

The never-ending tolls on the Mid Bay Bridge must stop. And while current elected officials have refused to stop taking dollars away from local tax payers, Jeff will fight to eliminate the costly, wasteful and double taxing tolls on the Mid Bay Bridge and Spencer Parkway.

Defending Our 2nd Amendment Rights

From supporting Constitutional Carry to opposing a ban on “assault rifles”, Jeff Hinkle will always vote to not just protect your 2nd Amendment rights, but promote your 2nd Amendment rights!

Protecting Life

With over 60 million babies having been killed since the passage of Roe v. Wade, Jeff will fight to protect life and fight like hell to prevent organizations like Planned Parenthood from receiving tax dollars.

Bringing Good Paying Jobs To Okaloosa

As an entrepreneur, Jeff understands the importance of a good paying job and diverse industries. He will fight to recruit companies and jobs right into our backyard. 

Combating Illegal Immigration

Jeff understands that we cannot reward lawbreakers with amnesty, taxpayer funded benefits, drivers licenses and other perks that should be reserved for Americans. He supports e-Verify and fighting against any effort to make Sanctuary Cities legal in Florida.

Supporting Our Military & Veterans

We live in the greatest country, but this wouldn’t be possible without the service of our Veterans yesterday and our active duty today. Our area is home to thousands of Veterans and Activity Duty, and Jeff will always vote to support them. It’s the least we can do for their selfless service!

Rebuilding Our Aging Infastructure

From bridges and roads to pipes and traffic lights, Jeff will fight to rebuild the local infastructure that we depend on each day.

Investing In Education

Children may make up only 25% of the population, but they make up 100% of the future. Jeff understands the value of a good education and he will vote to support our teachers, students and schools.

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Eliminate The Mid-Bay Bridge Toll!

Today, Okaloosa County GOP Chair, and State House District 4 Conservative Candidate, Jeff Hinkle announced his first bill submitted as our next Representative would be to eliminate the costly, wasteful and double taxing toll on the Mid-Bay Bridge and Spence Pkwy.  Hinkle, who has made it his mission to root out waste in government, will begin work on his plan to eliminate the toll immediately. 

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