Eliminate The Mid-Bay Bridge Toll!

Today, Okaloosa County GOP Chair, and State House District 4 Conservative Candidate, Jeff Hinkle announced his first bill submitted as our next Representative would be to eliminate the costly, wasteful and double taxing toll on the Mid-Bay Bridge and Spence Pkwy.  Hinkle, who has made it his mission to root out waste in government, will begin work on his plan to eliminate the toll immediately. 

Petition – Suspend Abortions During Covid-19 Crisis!

Add your name right now!

As Covid-19 ravages parts of our country and state, many elected leaders have acted to halt elected medical procedures.

However, one company, Planned Parenthood, has not. Planned Parenthood is still performing elective abortions and this is outrageous!

Add your name to the list of Floridians asking Governor DeSantis to halt all abortions during the Covid-19 crisis!


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